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Colostrum and Anti Ageing

Colostrum MAX and Anti Ageing

written by: Dagmar Lak One of the numerous benefits associated with the consumption of bovine colostrum is rejuvenation of body cells and tissues and in the process tackle aging. Moreover, unlike the numerous anti aging supplements available out there today, bovine colostrum has no health side effects. Below is an in-depth analysis of the relationship […]


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More facts about Colostrum


A few more facts about Colostrum Diabetes IGF-1, a growth factor which closely resembles insulin, has been shown to help prevent diabetes in those susceptible to developing it. IGF-1 is present in colostrum in large quantities. Autoimmune diabetes (type I diabetes) has been linked to leaky gut and an overactive gut immune system. IGF-1 stimulates […]


Illness prevention

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In the past two years, health care practitioners have been hearing a great deal about bovine colostrum, a relatively new food supplement intended to optimize the immune systems of both healthy and chronically ill individuals. Much of the excitement about colostrum has been generated by testimonials, anecdotal reports as well as the marketing efforts of […]